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Nick Bowman

Associate Professor; Research Associate, Media Interaction Lab; Affiliate Faculty, Center for Applied Coaching & Sport Science

Curriculum Vitae
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Research Interests

Dr. Bowman is interested in mass media, communication technology, entertainment media and experimental methods. His academic interests are concerned with understanding how communication technology has changed the way we share and respond to mass information.

As our social world becomes increasingly mediated and virtual, Dr. Bowman studies how media users respond cognitively and emotionally to mediation as well as if and how they differentiate between the real and virtual worlds.

An avid entertainment technology fan, Dr. Bowman is particularly interested in understanding the popularity of video games not only as a leisure activity, but as a place for community discourse, a training ground for human interaction, and a space for observational and experiential learning. Finally, as a former journalist, Dr. Bowman studies how communication technology has influenced the speed, accuracy and utility of news information for today’s multimedia audiences. His research has been published in "Journal of Communication," "Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media," and "CyberPsychology, Behavior and Social Networking."

Dr. Bowman also oversees the Interaction Lab and maintains an active research blog “On Media Theory…"


  • Ph.D., Michigan State University
  • Institute for Social Research @ University of Michigan
  • M.A., University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • B.A., University of Missouri-St. Louis