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Dr. Elizabeth Cohen

Assistant Professor
Research Associate, Media and Interaction Lab

Contact Information

Department of Communication Studies Armstrong Hall, Room 108 P.O. Box 6293 Morgantown, WV 26506

Office Phone: (304) 293-3905

Research Areas

Specializations: Media Psychology, EntertainmentEducation, New Media, Health & Risk Communication

I study the “the bright side” of media uses and effects, or the prosocial consequences of involvement with different types of media. My research is animated by questions about how cognitive and emotional responses to media content motivate individuals to improve themselves, help other people or the environment, or become civically engaged. I am particularly interested in how people respond to prosocial messages that are embedded in entertainment media content. I also examine content and relational factors that encourage people to disseminate prosocial messages using social media. Some topics I study include narrative persuasion, attachments to media figures, and online content sharing.


PHD, Georgia State University

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