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Dr. Min Seon Jeong

Visiting Assistant Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Google Scholar Profile

Areas of Study:

Computer-Mediated Communication 
Mass Media/Political Communication

Research Interests:

Misinformation and Misperception 
Online Incivility
Social/Digital Media and Political Communication

Dr. Jeong’s research broadly centers on the consequences for democracy as emerging media increasingly shape the consumption of political information and people’s understanding of political and scientific issues. Using survey and experimental methods, her research examines (1) how individuals are exposed to and engage with political information in digital media (e.g., exposure to online partisan media and information shared on social media) and (2) how such online experiences are related with individuals’ formation and reinforcement of (false) beliefs.   


B. A., Sookmyung Women’s University (Seoul, Korea) 
M. A., Washington State University 
Ph. D., The Ohio State University