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Jaime Banks

Assistant Professor

Curricula Vitae
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Research Interests

Dr. Banks’ research is animated by questions about human-machine communication. In particular, she explores how people connect with social technologies—from wearables and smartphones to game avatars and social robots—and how those connections may influence technology adoption, trust, influence, and even the user’s own identity. Much of this work focuses on humans’ perceptions of machine morality, agency, and interactivity. Secondary areas of research include work on materiality and haptics, actor-networks, and sense of place in immersive digital environments. Methodologically, she embraces qualitative and mixed methodologies, including integrations of experimental, observational, interview, and survey techniques. Dr. Banks’ research has been published in such journals as "New Media & Society and Information" and "Computers and Human Behavior," and edited three volumes including her most recent, “Avatar, assembled: The social and technical anatomy of digital bodies.


  • Ph.D., Colorado State University
  • M.S., Colorado State University
  • B.A., Mesa State College