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Dr. Ryan V. Thompson

Teaching Instructor

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Interests:

Professional Life Skills
Business and Professional Contexts  
Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication

Formerly a Texas resident, Ryan V. Thompson spent eight years teaching Communication Studies classes at McLennan College in Waco. A significant passion of his is assisting students in overcoming communication apprehension in interpersonal and presentational contexts in addition to developing verbal, nonverbal, and organizational efficiency in a variety of speaking opportunities. A strong point of emphasis is studying the efficacy of developing the classroom dynamic through immediacy, personal narrative, and group interaction. During December of 2018, Ryan had his first international teaching experience as he assisted students at Shanghai Normal University with their communication skills.

Ryan teaches the Senior Capstone class (COMM 403), which is designed to assist graduating Communication Studies majors in their transition from college to their professional endeavors. He also frequently teaches Business and Professional Communication (COMM 303) and Presentational Speaking (COMM 103). His other classes include Principles of Human Communication (COMM 100), Human Communication-Interpersonal Contexts (COMM 102), and Small Group Communication (COMM 112).


B.A., Texas Tech University 
M.A., Texas Tech University
Ed.D., St. Thomas University