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Tiffany A. Dysktra-DeVette

Assistant Professor

Curriculum Vitae
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Research Interests

Dr. Dykstra-DeVette's research is concerned with how individuals communicate to effectively organize for social change in intercultural and technologically mediated contexts. As organizations continually transform and communicate in our increasingly globalized and interconnected world, many new challenges and opportunities arise. Her work explores the ways that humanitarian organizations, non-profits and activist networks struggle against and amidst hegemonic global power systems to create spaces and solutions for underrepresented communities facing structural disadvantages.

As a former collegiate debate coach, Dr. Dykstra-DeVette embraces dissent as a productive pedagogical and epistemological starting point. Her work is best situated within critical organizational and cultural studies. She has worked with refugee resettlement nonprofits and online social movement organizations negotiating issues of difference, including gender, race, religion, and sexuality. Using critical, qualitative and rhetorical field methods, her research contributes to the development of communication theory regarding international NGO and humanitarian organizational practices, tensions and paradoxes, (post/neo)colonial rhetoric, and digital media discourses. Her work has been published in "The Journal of Social Media Studies" and "Language, Discourse & Society," recently being awarded the RC25 Academic Excellence Award, granted in Vienna during the Third Forum of Sociology of the International Sociological Association.