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Heath A. Howard

Second year Ph.D. Student

Curriculum Vitae 

Areas of Emphasis:

Interpersonal Communication
Organizational Communication 


Originally from Birmingham, AL, Heath A. Howard is entering into the second year of the PhD program at WVU. Before arriving in Morgantown, Heath earned a Bachelor of Arts Communication and Information Sciences and a Master of Arts in Communication Studies from The University of Alabama. During his time at UA, Heath participated in research surrounding topics such as the violation of language norms, deception in negotiation, and the influence of class on wage negotiation. Heath’s current research interests include relational deception tactics, workplace moral disengagement, and communicative suspicion. Across his research areas, Heath is interested in answering two key questions: “What can explain the reasons for individuals communicating in hurtful ways?” and “How do negative communication behaviors influence those they are meant to harm?”

This spring, Heath is teaching COMM 306, Organizational Communication, where students are introduced to a broad range of topics including organizational assimilation, management, and conflict. In addition, Heath is teaching COMM 308, Nonverbal Communication, where students are learning about the different nonverbal codes and how these codes influence interpersonal interactions. 


B.A., Communication Studies, The University of Alabama 
M.A., Communication Studies, The University of Alabama