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A Note From the Chair Regarding Academic Transformation (15 September 2023)

Some of you may be aware that the WVU Board of Governors voted to approve recommendations made by the Office of the Provost related to the Academic Transformation process earlier today. The Department of Communication Studies is saddened by the results of this process that will negatively impact academic options available to WVU students as well as the lives and livelihoods of our faculty.

Though we are disappointed by the changing metrics and illusion of transparency in this process as well as its subsequent outcomes, we will do our best to continue providing accessible, high-impact educational opportunities to thousands of WVU students. As a department, we will work hard to ensure our major, non-major, and graduate students still experience the high-quality courses and programs they have come to expect from the Department of Communication Studies.

It is important to remind ourselves that it is our students and faculty who make WVU great, and we remain dedicated to serving our students and the state of West Virginia. Thank you for your support. It matters.  


                        -Dr. Lindsay Morris-Neuberger