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Ph.D. and M.A. Graduate Courses

Listed below are the on-campus M.A. and Ph.D. courses taught in the Department of Communication Studies. Unless noted, each course is worth three credit hours. In addition to these courses, new courses are often proposed and customized to fit the unique interest areas of current graduate students.

COMM 509             Health Communication Dissemination (M.A. only) 

COMM 511             Research Methods for Non-Profit Organizations (M.A. only)  

COMM 601             Instructional Communication

COMM 602             Interpersonal Communication

COMM 603             Communication Training and Development    

COMM 604             Theory and Research in Persuasion               

COMM 605             Theory and Research in Mass Communication 

COMM 606             Theory and Research in Organizational Communication

COMM 608             Nonverbal Communication

COMM 610             Family Communication

COMM 611             Intergroup Communication

COMM 612             Small Group Theory and Practice

COMM 623             Leadership

COMM 625             Computer-Mediated Communication

COMM 629             Health Communication

COMM 645             Masspersonal Communication

COMM 675             Entertainment-Education

COMM 695             Independent Study

COMM 697             Thesis Research (6 hours)

COMM 700             Survey of Human Communication Theory

COMM 701             Graduate Research Methods

COMM 702             Advanced Interpersonal Communication

COMM 706             Advanced Organizational Communication

COMM 711             Advanced Seminar in Research Methods

COMM 712             Communication Measurement

COMM 713             Qualitative Research Methods

COMM 719             Advanced Instructional Communication

COMM 722             Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication

COMM 790             Teaching Practicum

COMM 795             Independent Study

COMM 796             Graduate Seminar (1 credit hour)

COMM 797             Dissertation Research (9 hours)

Specialized Seminars

COMM 691G          Communication and Aging

COMM 691N          Communication Traits

COMM 691O          Communication Campaigns

COMM 691P           Relational Maintenance

COMM 691U          Communication in Later Life

COMM 693D          Experiments and Causality

COMM 693G         Developmental Communication

COMM 693H         Presence

COMM 693I           New Media and Society

COMM 693J          Bullying

COMM 793H         Communication Research Design

COMM 793I           General Linear Models

COMM 794B          Personality

COMM 794H          Affectionate Communication

COMM 794T          Aggressive and Antisocial Communication