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Ph.D. Student Award Recipients

Since 2008, Ph.D. students have the opportunity to receive one of four awards. These awards are limited to those students who are enrolled currently in the program and are based on their performance for the preceding academic year. Listed below are the recipients of each award.

Judee K. Burgoon Doctoral Student Research Award 

2010  Brandi Frisby 
2011  No award
2012  Colleen Malachowski  
2013  Jessalyn I. Vallade 
2014  Sara LaBelle 
2015  Gregory A. Cranmer
2016  Hannah Ball
2017  No award
2018  Joe A. Wasserman
2019  Cathlin Clark-Gordon
2020  Stephen M. Kromka

Patricia Kearney Doctoral Student Teaching Award 

2010  Kerry Byrnes-Loinette
2011  Shannon Maki 
2012  Christopher J. Claus
2013  Zac D. Johnson
2014  Kelly G. Odenweller
2015  Zachary W. Goldman
2016  Jordan Atkinson
2017  Mary Donato
2018  Cathlin Clark-Gordon
2019  James Baker
2020  Kevin Knoster

Renee Kisner Doctoral Student Collegiality Award 

2013 Michael Sollitto 
2014  Zachary W. Goldman
2015  Jordan Atkinson
2016  Dana Borzea
2017  Cathlin Clark-Gordon
2018  James Baker
2019  Sara Pitts
2020  Stephen M. Kromka

ECAS Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant

2010  Kerry Byrnes-Loinette
2011  Sydney Staggers
2012  Stephanie Shimotsu
2014  Sara LaBelle
2015  Shannon T. Carton
2016  Melissa F. Tindage
2017  Dana Borzea
2018  James Baker
2019  Sara Pitts
2020  Kylie Wilson