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The Department of Communication Studies has twofaculty advisors, Nikki Loy and Sara Pitts. Their job is counsel and advise you on the rules, regulations, and courses that are necessary for the completion of a degree. Your advisors are there to answer your questions, help solve your problems, and in some cases act as an advocate for you when dealing with problems. When your file is moved to the Department from the University Advising Center, you will be assigned to one of our advisors. 

Every semester, you will need to meet with them to discuss your progress and to determine which classes you will need to complete your degree.

Important Forms

Area of Emphasis declaration form
This form must be submitted every semester you want to be considered for an Area of Emphasis in Communication Studies.

Area of Emphasis change form
If you already have an Area of Emphasis in Communication Studies and you want to change your Area of Emphasis please complete this form.

Minor declaration (or removal) in another field of study
This form is for accepted Communication Studies Majors only, and is required for any majors wishing to minor in another area of study outside of our department.

Application for Graduation Review
This form must be completed to conduct a review of your graduation requirements. You should complete this form no later than the semester before you intend to complete all degree requirements. Any questions please contact the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Office of Undergraduate Studies.