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Dr. Alan K. Goodboy

Professor; Ph.D. Graduate Studies Coordinator; Peggy Rardin McConnell Endowed Research Chair of Communication Studies

Curriculum Vitae
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Communication Modeling and Measurement Lab

Areas of Study:

Instructional Communication 
Interpersonal Communication 
Quantitative Methods and Statistics 

Research Interests:
Conditional Processes of Effective Teaching and Student Learning
Instructional Dissent
Work Environments and Job Strain
Dyadic Relational Maintenance

Dr. Goodboy is an instructional communication scholar who favors experiments to model the teaching-learning process. As an interpersonal communication scholar, he has recently conducted a series of survey studies on relational turbulence in romantic relationships. Dr. Goodboy has an interest in quantitative methods and has completed over 400 hours of postdoctoral coursework in statistics with an emphasis on structural equation modeling. This year, he has written three articles about quantitative methods focusing on construct validity, bi-factor exploratory structural equation modeling, and coefficient omega in reliability estimation.


B.A.., West Virginia University 
M.A., West Virginia University
Ph.D., West Virginia University