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Alan K. Goodboy

Ph.D. Graduate Studies Coordinator; Professor; Peggy Rardin McConnell Research Chair of Communication Studies

Curriculum Vitae
Google Scholar

Research Interests:

  • Instructional Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Quantitative Methods and Statistics

Dr. Goodboy is an instructional communication scholar who uses experiments to model the teaching-learning process and surveys to understand why and how students express their dissent about course-related issues. He regularly studies the antecedents and consequences of bullying in educational and organizational contexts. As an interpersonal communication scholar, he conducts research on couples’ relational maintenance and turbulence. Dr. Goodboy has an interest in quantitative methods and statistics and has completed over 380 hours of postdoctoral coursework in advanced statistics (e.g., causal mediation analysis, structural equation modeling, multilevel modeling, dyadic data analysis, meta-analysis, conditional process analysis, scale construction and development).


  • B.A.., West Virginia University
  • M.A., West Virginia University
  • Ph.D., West Virginia University