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Dr. Christine E. Rittenour

M. A. Theory and Research Graduate Studies Coordinator; Associate Professor; Faculty Associate, Women's and Gender Studies

Curriculum Vitae
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Areas of Study:

Family Communication
Intergroup Communication
Communication and Aging

Research Interests:

Communicated prejudice
Social justice
Family socialization
In-law relationships
Gender and feminism 

Christine E. Rittenour researches families and prejudice. Christy is fascinated by humans' differential (mis)treatment of those dubbed as different, and she asserts that family is a primary site for experiencing and teaching "difference." Some of her work addresses within-family differences based in social (e.g., ethnicity, age), structural (e.g., in-law relationships), and value-based identities (e.g., feminism, generativity), as she reveals how these differences coincide with the unity and happiness that family members feel for each other. Some of her work addresses communication about difference, including that which happens within the family, then "spilling' into family  members' treatment of those outside of the family. All the while, Christy remains optimistic about family's power to create a more just society.


B.A., The Pennsylvania State University
M.A., West Virginia University 
Ph.D., University of Nebraska at Lincoln