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Christine Rittenour

Associate Professor; Coordinator, M.A. Theory and Research Program; Faculty Associate, Women's and Gender Studies

Curriculum Vitae
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Research Interests

  • Family Communication
  • Communication and Aging
  • Identity/Intergroup Communication
Dr. Rittenour researches the links between communication and identity, exploring the ways that communication reflects and affects various social (e.g., ethnicity, age), structural (e.g., in-law relationships), and value-based identities (e.g., feminism, generativity). Her most commonly assesses identity/communication intersections in the family context. In doing so, she explores how family members’ identities coincide with their treatment of each other and how members’ socialize each other to treat those outside of the family. In doing so, Dr. Rittenour positions family communication as an agent of social change.


  • PhD, University of Nebraska at Lincoln