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Dr. Matthew M. Martin


Curriculum Vitae
Google Scholar

Areas of Study:

Instructional Communication  
Interpersonal Communication 
Personality and Communication

Research Interests:

Bullying in instructional settings 
Bullying in organizational settings
Cognitive flexibility
Communication motives 
Instructor-student communication

Dr. Martin has numerous research interests, including, but not limited to: bullying and verbal aggression (Who uses these destructive messages and what consequences do these messages have on their targets?), communication competence (What are the characteristics of an effective and appropriate communicator?), communication motives (Why do people communicate with others?), and student learning (How can teachers and students communicate differently in order to increase student learning?). A Mountaineer since 1994, Dr. Martin has a strong appetency for promoting WVU and the state of West Virginia. 


B.A., Valparaiso University 
M.A., Kent State University 
Ph.D., Kent State University