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The West Virginia University (WVU) Department of Communication Studies is recruiting up to TWO additional students to start the PhD program with fully funded assistantships in August 2023. Under the leadership of our new director of graduate studies (Dr. Dan Totzkay), we are seeking to expand our incoming class with highly qualified individuals interested in an accelerated three-year PhD program with impressive teaching, research, and community outreach opportunities.


These positions come with teaching assistantships which include tuition remission, health insurance, and a stipend. PhD students have the unique opportunity to teach a wide array of courses while in the program, spanning from freshman- to senior-level courses both under direction of other instructors and solo-taught.


The department also has two research collaboratives (i.e., Communication Research Translation and Outreach, Interpersonal and Instructional Communication Research), high-quality lab spaces, and a robust student research participant pool ( Our PhD students are mentored by a faculty of award-winning researchers and teachers with extensive expertise in the areas of instructional, interpersonal, health, mediated communication, and research methodologies.

Graduates of our program are successful in finding careers that match up with their personal goals including working in industry or government or in academia as teaching faculty, administrators, and tenure-track R1 professors.


If you or your students are interested in this exciting opportunity, Please check out our website ( and reach out to Dr. Totzkay directly ( as soon as possible (but at least by Monday June 19th) to discuss if our program might be a good fit. No application is required at this time but will be solicited following these conversations.