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Study Abroad

Each year, WVU Communication Studies offers two opportunities for students to study abroad. You can click on either of the images below to download a copy of that program's information poster. You can also complete this short registration survey to sign-up for program updates for either or both programs: For both programs, Communication Studies majors automatically qualify for an inter-Departmental scholarship (between $1000 and $2000, depending on the length of the program), and all students can apply for an Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Academic Enrichment Grant.

Summer 2019: Germany

SPICE 2019

Applications are being accepted now, at For more details, contact Dr. Nick Bowman at

Come spend Summer 2019 with WVU’s Department of Communication Studies! We are sponsoring a summer-long study abroad in Germany - the Heart of Europe. The SPICE program, hosted by Universität Erfurt, will feature courses wrapped around travel excursions to Bruges, Berlin, and various places throughout Europe.

2019 planning is still underway, but course offerings are expected to include:
  • International Intercultural Communication
  • Communication Ethics 
  • Computer-Mediated Communication
  • Global Communication Campaigns
  • Organizational Communication 
 All courses are taught in English by leading scholars in the respective fields. Each of these courses satisfy requirements for the B.A.  and minor programs in Communication Studies. While students in other majors are invited to participate in SPICE , they are encouraged to check with their academic advisors regarding how SPICE courses would satisfy graduation requirements for other degree programs. Located about 190 miles southeast of Berlin, Erfurt is the near-geographic center of Germany, and its central “Hauptbahnhof” (train station) sees nearly 35,000 passengers each day. The city has a vibrant central shopping district, cultural centers, historical tours, and an electric nightlife designed to entertain a population of more than 200,000 people. 

Spring Break 2019: Tokyo, Japan

Apply online now, at . For more details, contact Dr. Jaime Banks at
NOTE: As of 13 November 2018, the Spring Break 2019 program is now full.

As everyday communication and culture are increasingly influenced by global processes, it is remarkably important to understand the similarities and differences among various cultures. One key dimension of global communication is popular culture – the processes, practices, and artifacts that stabilize the meaning of mainstream human life. It is often easy to absorb pop culture without thinking critically about its content or consequences, and developing that critical thinking will be the aim of this course. This hybrid on-campus/Study Abroad course addresses cross-cultural considerations of popular culture and communication by combining traditional coursework activities (in-person and online readings, discussions, and writing) with on-site,   personal experience with a non-U.S. culture. This Spring 2019 semester, we will be focusing on Japanese pop culture with a spring break trip to Tokyo, Japan.  From food and language to animation and robotics, we will consider how communication and popular media produce, break down, and reinforce culture, how culture contributes to national and cultural identities, how we recognize similarities and differences in other cultures, and how we may think more critically about the global community through the lens of the pop cultural phenomena it produces. Scholarships are available for Communication Majors. 

Office of International Programs

All WVU students (graduate, undergraduate, and professional) must register with OIP before traveling internationally on university related activities. OIP Personnel will assist you in planning all aspects of your international experience, including such things as required insurance, passports, visas, health preparedness, and academic credits. Please be aware that if you are traveling for academic credit and you fail to register with this office, you will be denied credit upon your return to WVU. For more information on this policy, see the WVU Undergraduate Catalog (Course Catalog) or visit the OIP  webpage