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Kumbalonah, Abobo

First Year PhD Student

Curriculum Vitae
Google Scholar Profile

Areas of Emphasis:

Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication

Mediated Communication


Abobo is a first year PhD student with interests in interpersonal/intercultural communication and mediated communication. Across these subfields, he is interested in investigating the various ways in which the media influences identity—especially Black racial identity—formation, transformation, and expression.  He is equally interested in how such identities (once formed or transformed) impact family relationships.

Abobo previously completed a doctoral degree in interdisciplinary arts at Ohio University with specialization in literature  & visual culture. One thing he has however had difficulty shaking off is his interest in communication studies. Consequently, after a couple of years teaching at Ohio University, Ursuline College, University of Ghana, and the University of Education, he is excited to have been awarded the Arlen G. & Louise Stone Swiger Fellowship to study communication studies at West Virginia University.


BA English and Linguistics, University of Ghana
MA African Studies, Ohio University
*PhD Interdisciplinary Arts (Literature & Visual Culture), Ohio University