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Madison C. Martin

First Year Ph.D. Student

Curriculum Vitae
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Madison Martin is a second-year doctoral student from Winfield, West Virginia. Madison’s research interests revolve around storytelling, on scales large and small. She has an interest in the stories we tell about ourselves, the stories we use to relate to others, and broader cultural narratives that try to tell us who we are. She has a particular interest in the interpersonal relationships of older adults, the intergenerational transmission of norms, and how communication can be used as a tool to cultivate and maintain meaningful relationships across all contexts. She has had the opportunity to publish her research in an open-access special issue on live-streaming in Technology, Mind, and Behavior. and has had the opportunity to present her research at the Eastern Communication Association Conference, National Communication Association Conference, and Heath Communication Conference in Washington D.C. She completed both her B.A. and M.A. degrees at West Virginia University in Communication Studies. She currently occupies the position of course coordinator for COMM 104 (Fundamentals of Public Communication) and has taught a variety of communication courses, including COMM 302 (Interpersonal Communication), COMM 112 (Small Group Communication), and COMM 104 (Fundamentals of Public Communication). 


B.A., Communication Studies, West Virginia University 

M.A., Communication Studies - Theory and Research, West Virginia University