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Samaha Ghani

Doctoral Candidate

Curriculum Vitae
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Areas of Emphasis:

Health Communication
Mass Communication 


Samaha Ghani is a second-year doctoral student from Karachi, Pakistan. She was raised in the Middle East and came to the USA for higher education. Before coming to West Virginia University, Samaha received her bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry and her master’s degree in Communication from Drury University. During her undergraduate studies, she had the opportunity to be part of a self-directed experimentation lab project and hopes to apply her experiences and skills in Health Communication and Mass Communication.

Samaha Ghani’s research interests endeavor to use quantitative research methods to study the communicative disconnect between healthcare professionals and patients in a healthcare organization and the role of mental health illnesses in medical students. Specifically, to investigate how medical school curriculum and related factors affect mental health in medical school, and the stigma associated with mental health illnesses in medical school and healthcare setting. Furthermore, Samaha is interested in exploring the impact of social media in delivering and advertising health-related messages during a health crisis, and the role parasocial relationships with media figures contribute in the distribution of false information among the public. Lastly, Samaha is interested in investigating sociocultural factors that contribute to rape culture among international students on university campuses and intimate partner violence, specifically marital rape, and its effect on the victim’s health-decision making processes.

Finally, Samaha has taught COMM 104: Fundamentals of Public Communication and COMM 309: Health Communication. For Fall 2022, Samaha will teach COMM 308: Nonverbal Communication and COMM 309: Health Communication.


B.A., Biology and Chemistry, Drury University 
M. A., Communications, Drury University